Kitchen Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

The lack of kitchen storage space is a universally understood issue. Whether you live in a penthouse or a studio apartment, there never seems to be enough storage space or room to work in the kitchen.

However, the size of the kitchen is not always at fault.

Some kitchens have well-organised small spaces while others have numerous cupboards and long countertops and still feel cluttered and disorganised. With the help of a few clever hacks, you can have a kitchen that would make Curtis Stone jealous.

Before you can create meaningful change in your kitchen storage, it is best to divide the space into manageable bits so you do not overwhelm yourself with the magnitude of your project.

When your kitchen is small, you understand just how important every square inch of your small space is.

Bench Space

No matter how big your kitchen is, benchtop space is always a premium. To tame the messes, you need to remind yourself that not everything must be set out within an arm’s reach. Take stock in what you have and maintain a good attitude when it comes to donating your extra wares.

  1. Shelf Risers – These handy helpers come in a variety of sizes and styles. Setting up risers can nearly double your storage space on your counter, depending on the size of the risers you use.
  2. Magnetic Knife Holder – This trick gives you more space on your counter by sending your cutlery to the wall. While those butcher block knife holders are nice, a bit more room on your counter is even nicer. Just remember to position the holder well out of the reach of children. Magnetic knife holders are economical, come in various sizes, and can go in several spaces.With a knife magnet you will have more room in your drawers and on your counter top.
  3. Corral Small Appliances – You can tuck free-standing shelves or a microwave cart out of your way to hold the appliances that hog counter space. Storing things like your toaster, food chopper, coffee maker, or mixer on shelves or a cart will give you impressive counter space.
  4. Bread Boxing – While many people roll their eyes at the mention of a bread box, they are not just for bread. You can store nearly anything, including bread, in these helpful boxes. Using a bread box for paper products is a great way to keep them within reach and out of your way. Depending on the shape of your bread box, you can also use the top for storing kitchen gadgets like timers or thermometers.
  5. Cosy Corners – Often, corners are messy or become wasted space because they are difficult to reach. Try using a corner shelf unit to make space to store small gadgets or display small vases, cups, or glasses that are cluttering another part of your kitchen.
  6. Backsplash Storage – Mount a small shelf on your backsplash, and you can store nearly anything off of your counter but still within reach.

This kitchen bench trolley is used as a feeding station for an infant.

Cupboards and Cabinets

Nearly everyone has struggled with making their collection of dishes and cookware fit into their cupboards or cabinets. The space often seems too short or narrow, and higher cupboards are often nearly impossible to reach. Do not despair. There are manageable storage hacks to end the struggle and help you love your cabinets and cupboards.

  1. Turn Cabinets into Drawers – Reaching the back of a cabinet is not a simple task. As a result, plenty of helpful kitchenware remains there, hidden from sight. By either installing pullout drawers or using baskets, you can slide in and out; you can free space and organise at the same time. Not only will you increase your free space, but you may also finally use that Bundt pan from Aunt Millie.
  2. Shelf Risers – Just as shelf risers can improve your counter storage, they can give you more room in your cabinets. They can help make heavy precariously perched plates a thing of the past.
  3. A Place for Pans – Pots and pans are challenging to stack and reach in kitchen cabinets. You can eliminate the need for this by hanging your cookware. Some people prefer above the stovetop, the sink, or the kitchen window. Wherever you decide to hang your pans, make sure it is high enough to be out of the way but still within easy reach.Hanging pans provide storage when there is little space.
  4.  A Peg Board – Hanging from the ceiling is great, but if you have some open wall space, try using a pegboard. A pegboard that is sturdily mounted to the wall can give you many storage options. Aside from hanging pots and pans, you can add shelves for flexible storage. The sky is the limit with this option because you can reconfigure it to suit your needs.
  5. Free-Standing Shelving Unit – Instead of cramming your dishes and bakeware into your cupboards, use free-standing shelves to store them.
  6. Aim High for Storage – While not every kitchen has space between the top of the cupboards and the ceiling, make good use of that space if yours does. You can display collections or store things you infrequently use up and out of your way.

A pegboard is possibly one of the most functional pieces a kitchen could have.

The Pantry

While not every home has a formal pantry, everyone needs a place to put their dry goods, spices, and other nonperishables. There are several ways to create or expand your pantry and improve your storage options.

  1. Use the Top of Your Refrigerator – You can create a pantry on the top of your fridge, just not the messy type with random boxes of cereal or half-finished bags of snacks. Organise your go-to products on top of your refrigerator. Coordinated baskets are great for this. Use canisters for products in bags, like beans, rice, or chocolate chips. You will get the best results by sticking with a simple plan.
  2. Canisters and Free-Standing Shelves – Pantry storage can be in plain sight and still look good. It is all about curating your products. Find simple shelves and canisters to coordinate with your décor. Fill your canisters with pantry staples for easy access.
  3. Utilise a Utility Cart – A rolling utility cart is an easy storage solution. Use this to hold any number of products from the pantry and push it out of your way when you do not need them.Kitchen utility carts are used as additional storage space
  4. Spices – Keeping track of spices can be challenging even if you have plenty of space. Consider mounting a spice rack to the wall to keep spices in plain sight. You can also use magnetic strips and small jars with metal lids under your cupboards to create a floating spice rack.
  5. Back of the Door Storage – Handy shelving units that hang or mount inside doors make excellent pantry storage. These come in several sizes, so you can be sure you are adding enough extra space.
  6. Create a Pantry with Small Shelves – Most kitchens have a nook or corner that seems to have no purpose. You can mount shelves in the space and create a makeshift pantry to store your go-to products, such as oils, wine, or vinegar bottles.

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