Privacy Policy


  • a. Collection of information – SpaceBox collects personal information which may include, but is not necessarily limited to names, driver’s licence number, government-issued identification, telephone numbers, email address, home and postal addresses.
  • b. Use of Information – Collected information is not shared outside SpaceBox, except as prescribed by law, police investigations, court orders, and credit applications by the customer.
  • c. Security of Information – Collected information is held internally at SpaceBox, and customer information is only used to conduct normal business operations. Information may be on paper, a local database, and/or a secure off-site server. We guarantee that personal data is held confidentially and use recommended data security protocols.
  • d. Marketing – Collected information may be used to promote SpaceBox to current and past customers. Anyone wishing not to receive SpaceBox promotions, sales coupons, policy changes, and information direct to the customer may email [email protected] to be removed from the general list.
  • e. Necessary Information – Only necessary information is collected from customers.  At times, such as prior to creating a contract, SpaceBox may collect information that is publicly available and/or from trade groups in the storage industry. Customers may review and edit, if needed, any data SpaceBox has collected by contacting the local office. We will respond promptly and only charge the nominal costs associated with reproducing media (photocopies, DVDs, thumb drives etc.).

2. Disclosure

As necessary, SpaceBox may disclose information to investigating law enforcement, persons with legal and/or material interests in property stored, debt collection agencies in case of default, and secure data storage services.

3. Privacy Rights

  • a. Privacy Act of 1988 – This law assures citizens by promoting and protecting the “privacy of individuals.” The law establishes the “Australian Privacy Principles” as protection from unscrupulous “private sector organisations.” SpaceBox respects the law and will not violate the rights of customers.
  • b. If you make a complaint, SpaceBox will address any issues within seven days. If you are not satisfied with our resolution, you can file with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at

4. Confidentiality

All information regarding customers and their property is confidential. Only enquiries from law enforcement or regulatory government agencies will be responded to.

5. Credit/Background

  • a. Credit – SpaceBox will collect credit-worthiness information, past storage payment histories, debit accounts and standardised credit scores. Credit information is needed to conduct normal and ongoing storage services.
  • b. Background – SpaceBox may collect publicly available information and/or from trade groups in the storage industry to assure stability in the customer and SpaceBox contractual relationship