Terms Of Service

1. Alternate(S)

Persons granted access to storage are required to meet all provisions and security expectations as the primary customer. Customers who wish to allow access to another person will need to make formal legal amendments to the contract. 

2. End of Contract

Contracts may end at the expiration date, due to late payments, violations of posted safety rules, abuse of others, dumping, abandonment of property and law violations. SpaceBox reserves the right to cancel any contract for any reason upon seven days notice.

3. Guarantee

SpaceBox offers competitive prices and publishes them online. The contracts reflect all specifics to individual conditions. We guarantee fulfilment  of all terms of signed contracts to assure customer satisfaction.

4. Refunds

All refunds are subject to a seven-day advance notice when voluntarily closing a contract. Contracts for rentals are paid in advance on a month-to-month basis. After the property is removed, SpaceBox will check the storage space for damage and issue a refund in five days. Cleaning fees up to $100 may be charged.

5. Physical Security

All SpaceBox areas are secured with locks, alarms, cameras, lighting, and staff. Restriction on access is maintained.

6. Website

  • a. Ownership – All SpaceBox webpages are owned exclusively by SpaceBox in their entirety. All text, graphics and photos are the sole intellectual property of SpaceBox.
  • b. Links – All links to webpages outside of SpaceBox.com are provided as a courtesy to customers only. SpaceBox makes no guarantees, nor is any endorsement implied. All rights reserved.

7. Liability

SpaceBox liabilities are limited to the terms of the contract.

8. Jurisdiction

The legal jurisdiction of all SpaceBox properties and staff is local law enforcement, the Western Australian government and the national government.

9. Promotions

All promotions are provisional and subject to changes at any time. Conditions and terms of any discount, material or monetary, are at the discretion of SpaceBox.

Notwithstanding any terms or policies, written or spoken, SpaceBox reserves the right to amend terms and policies without notice. Further, SpaceBox may amend contracts with 30 days written notice.