Mobile Self Storage Delivered to You

Are you moving house and require self-storage? Is your home overcrowded? Spacebox offers a convenient, safe way to store your belongings. We drop a TAXIBOX mobile storage unit at your home or business, you pack it, and we take it away and store it securely.

We offer you the security of traditional self storage in Perth, coupled with the convenience of a storage pod delivered to you. Say goodbye to double and triple handling your belongings.

How it Works

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Once you contact Spacebox, we will arrange to deliver your mobile self storage box to your desired location at a time that is convenient for you.

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Once your Spacebox arrives, you can begin packing. If you prefer, you can count on friendly Spacebox professionals to help you pack (additional fee applies).

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Once your belongings are safely packed, we take your mobile self storage box to our secure site. It will remain there until you require us to drop it off again.

Removals and storage, Perth.

Secure Your Stuff in Our Spacebox

We offer solutions to your storage problems:

  • Your Belongings Stored Securely Between Moves
  • Declutter and Design Your Space
  • Interstate Moving & FIFO
  • Secure Belongings Before International Travel

Need Help?
Contact Our Friendly Team

If you require a safe, affordable mobile self storage option, our Perth-based team are happy to provide assistance.

Why Perth Loves Spacebox


Secure and Zero Hassle

Spacebox ticks all the boxes that regular self-storage does. Plus, we make things easier by coming to you so you don't have to move your belongings to a storage facility.


Affordable and Often Cheaper

You save money because there is no need to hire removalists or a vehicle to transport your belongings. Spacebox comes to you and works out cheaper than conventional storage.


Access When You Need It

Do you need to visit your Spacebox? No problem. Give us notice, and we will make sure your unit is on the ground, ready and waiting for you.


Lifting When You Need

Packing and moving belongings is tough work. We can add on our removalist service and take care of your heavy lifting on request.


One Size Does Not Fit All

We understand people have different mobile self storage needs. A one-bedroom apartment dweller will not need our largest pod. Instead of spending too much on space, we offer a range of pods to suit everyone's storage needs.


Your Stuff Is Totally Protected

Our storage pods are stored in a 100% safe and secure facility in Perth. You can rest assured that your belongings are protected, 24/7.


The Hidden Spacebox Advantage

Perhaps one of the biggest frustrations of moving is having to pack quickly to ensure you don’t go over the removalist’s allotted time. With Spacebox, your mobile self storage pod can be dropped off well in advance, giving you ample time to pack it. If you need more time, contact us and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

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